INDEPENDENT ART INITIATIVES : From research to practice


Offspaces International was initiated in 2008 as a research program on independent arts spaces and other artist-run and managed groups. The program focuses on presenting and documenting cutting edge ideas and experimental projects, through which to reveal the international network of innovative art practice and off space initiative.

In 2012, the Offspace team presented the first discussion panel to take place in Athens, Greece, Systems-Offspaces / Independent Artists and Groups in Dialogue, at CAMP! Contemporary Meeting Point, the most social and prominent artist run complex within Athens. Systems platform documented the vast majority of the independent contemporary Greek art scene. Participating art groups presenting their methodology and artistic practice, and their sustainable development goals.

Offspring Young Artists, part of Offspaces International, is a cultural program available to entry level artists, new art groups and young art professionals. As new generation artists emerge through a highly challenging and often restrictive environment, a spectrum of diverse artistic practices develop. The Offspring program caters to this gap between the young artist and the multiple channels in the art community, by promoting collective work and partnership, and transcultural dialogue with other artists and cultural networks for artists and collectives.

Offspring Young Artists has initiated its 2016-2017 program with an exhibition agenda from October 2016 РJune 2017.