Social Distortion. Less real more human


Artists: Martina Menegon Alexander Martinz Stefano D’Alessio, Kostas Lales, Magda Lambropoulou
Curated by: Martina Menegon, Alexander Martinz and Stefano D’Alessio
with Fotini Kapiris and Georg Georgakopoulos
Opening: Friday, February 3, 2017 8:00 pm.
Duration: February 3 – 28.2, 2017
Coordinated by: Offspring Young Artists
Organized by: ArtWall Project Space, Athens Gr

ARTWALL Project Space
26 Sofokleous Str., Athens 10552

Vienna based artists Martina Menegon, Alexander Martinz and Stefano D’Alessio meet artists Kostas Lales and Magda Lambropoulou in Athens, Greece, at Social Distortion / Less real more human exhibition at the ArtWall.

Social Distortion includes new media installations and sculptures that center around fluid bodies, constantly switching between physical and digital states. The artworks revisit and transform the body, carrying a remembrance of the physical flesh, digitally and socially distorted to serve a new formal aesthetic. Whether it is about feeding back information into the pornographic maelstrom, creating new awareness of the self by translating it into virtual disorienting and grotesque 3D-scans, developing new ways of archiving memories or coding and decoding real life events from and into digital personae, the body is always the core and platform of these expressions.

Social Distortion exhibition in Athens, is part of the Offspring Young Artists program for the cultivation of new generation artistic practice.

Martina Menagon

Martina Menegon, Virtual Narcissism Video from (VR) interactive installation, 2016

Martina Menegon (1988, Italy) is a new media artist, programmer and educator. Her work deals with the instability and ephemerality of the human body as well as the alienation from physicality in today’s digital age, questioning the gap between real and virtual, flesh and data. Since 2010 she collaborates with Stefano D’Alessio and Klaus Obermaier, creating interactive performances and installations. With a degree in Visual and Performing Art (IUAV University of Venice) and in Transmedial Arts (The University for Applied Arts of Vienna), since 2010 she is teaching assistant of at the IUAV University, where she teaches multimedia tools for interactive arts with Klaus Obermaier. Since 2016 she is also lecturing in the Transmedial Art department at the University of Applied Art in Vienna and in the department of Time-based and Interactive Art, at the University of Art Linz. Martina Menegon currently lives and work in Vienna.

Alexander Martinz

Alexander Martinz, Trypophile, video installation, 2016

Alexander Martinz, born 1979 in Klagenfurt, studied electroacoustic composition and transmedia art. He teaches at the University of Applied Arts, lives and works as a composer and media artist in Vienna and is the voice of Captain Knife. He is interested in the different logics and traditions of time based-media as well as their correlations. Complex transformations of popcultural material can be considered a foundation of his work.

Stefano D Alessio

Stefano D’Alessio, Recomposed Memories , video installation, 2016

Stefano D’Alessio (1987 Italy) Media artist, programmer and composer, lives and works in Vienna (Austria). Since 2010 he works with Martina Menegon (1988, Italy) creating interactive performances and installations, combining visual and sound thru programming. Their research addresses the digitalization of the human in new technologies, virtual representations of the “real” and the distortions and perceptive amplifications caused by them. Their work involves the human body as incipit for analyzing coding and decoding processes of the real/physic, in to digital/abstract, enquiring the ephemeral limits between machine and body, artificial intelligence and consciousness. With a degree in Visual Art and Theater at IUAV University of Venice, Stefano D’Alessio is currently studying Transmedial Arts at The University for Applied Arts of Vienna, under the direction of Brigitte Kowanz. Since 2010 he is teaching assistant at the bachelor, master, and post graduate master courses at IUAV University, where he teaches multimedia tools for interactive arts with Klaus Obermaier, artist he regularly collaborates with as programmer and tech/artistic assistant. Besides his own works and compositions Stefano D’Alessio realized music and interactive visuals for various artists, musicians, choreographers and theater directors.

Kostas Lales_ArtWall

Kostas Lales, Oi filoi ton fylon , sculpture, 2017

Through painting, sculptural installations, video and performance, Kostas Lales addresses our relationship among self, and same / opposite gender, through eroticism. His work reflects the layered association we have with elements that surround us – whether this contact be physical, commercial, or erotic. The immediacy of human imprinting States, urges us to free ourselves from the fear of body and our physicality. He holds a degree in Painting (prof. Zacharias Arvanitis Angelos Antonopoulos Dimitris Sakellionas Michalis Manousakis) and Multimedia – Hypermedia (prof. Manthos Santorineos) from the Athens School of Fine Arts. His participation in exhibitions, digital media festivals and performances, outline his research and illustration of the body as a device which stimulates erotic self awareness.

Magda Lambropoulou_ArtWall

Magda Lambropoulou, Untitled, sculptural installation

Magda Lambropoulou’s (1977, Athens) artwork includes the use of diverse, expressive mediums including sculpture, installation, audio, video, performance. With emphasis on issues such as discrimination, pregudice and moral values imposed by a given society, she assumes a humanitarian approach to her work in attempt to transform silent acceptance to an explicit statement. She Invites the audience to participate in her artwork, aiming to raise awareness about social taboos and stereotypes. She holds a degree in Sculpture (prof. Theo Papayannis) from the Athens School of Fine Arts. Her participation in exhibitions, sculptural and new media symposiums, and performances, has resulted in her identifying her visual approach and work methodology.

Golden Aid. Eleanna Balesi



Curated by: Stratis Pantazis
Opening: Thursday, October 6, 2016, 8:00 pm.
Duration: October 6 – November 4, 2016
Coordinated by: Offspring Young Artists
Organized by: ArtWall Project Space, Athens Gr

ARTWALL Project Space
26 Sofokleous Str., Athens 10552

Eleanna Balesi’s exhibition, Golden Aid involves a series of works influenced by daily life issues that take place in our immediate environment. These issues are connected – but not entirely – to the unequal distribution of wealth, and to the overall crisis, which beyond economic, is mainly moral.
For the artist, quest for a better future, and values such as freedom and equality are seen through the prism of contemporary culture. She engages in these values through an anthropocentric-based approach, reflecting on the division between the materiality of things and its absence.

Eleanna Balesi’s artistic practice derives from the overall relationship of her artwork to the general instability associated to social change and structure. This ephemeral reality serves as a stimulus and a cause for her choice of materials used in a series of experimental work, in which she combines organic, inorganic, processed and unprocessed elements.
The artist’s work, formulated within the recent years of the crisis, serves as an outcry in the vast, subversive sociopolitical and economic surrounding from which it originated.

The word Golden derived from the title of the show, refers to the Golden Age of Athens (of Pericles) – a period of cultural outburst, intellectual and spiritual flowering, and establishment of democracy. The second word in the title – aid, spontaneously reminds us of first aid – of immediate assistance to human need as nowadays people desperately seek self-rescue; a distant utopia in itself, a gold-coated pill of temporary relief. GoldenAid exhibition raises questions about real meaning of value and the ”valuable”, as interpreted by various social classes. How do these different, contradictory interpretations, meet and integrate with the imminent conditions of life? In any case, egocentrism and personal gain are clearly visible, as Luxury and Need, two conflicting meanings, bind in dialogue.

Eleanna Balesi’s Golden Aid is part of the Offspring Young Artists for the cultivation and facilitation of new generation artistic practice.


Eleanna Balesi, Detail from installation, ‘Pinching Sensation’, 2016
[photo © Offspring Young Artists]


Eleanna Balesi, ‘Puff’, 2016
[photo © Offspring Young Artists]


Eleanna Balesi, ‘Puff’, 2016
[photo © Offspring Young Artists]


Overall view of exhibition
[photo © Offspring Young Artists]


Eleanna Balesi, ‘Education’, 2016
[photo © Offspring Young Artists]


Eleanna Balesi, ‘Golden Dental Elements’, 2016
[photo © Offspring Young Artists]

Eleanna Balesi

Eleanna Balesi was born in Piraeus in 1993.
She studied at the Department of Plastic Arts and Science, University of Ioannina.
The main concern of her work is space, time and the materialization of the everyday sociopolitical issues. According to the artist, the term ‘contemporary art’ does not manifest only the recent art production, but should address current issues. Her materials are mostly everyday and ephemeral and often charged by a story or a situation. Any given gesture serves as a symbol/ comment in today’s conflict.

Participation in group shows:

RE CULTURE 4, Patra, Athens-GR (2016) / POWERFOOL, FLAT1 (in collaboration with CHEAPART Athens / Offspring Young Artists), Vienna, Austria (2016) / EPITOPOU 15, Andros-GR (2015) / Street Art Festival (SAF), Thessaloniki-GR (2015) / INSPIRE FESTIVAL, ACTIVE SPACES, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art (MMCA), Thessaloniki-GR (2014) / Global Eradication of Violence Against Women Day, SocArtes team, Athens-GR (2014) / Action Field Kodra, I NEED A HERO, VALUABLE MATTERS IN VALUABLE TIMES, Thessaloniki-GR (2014), Paraliart, Thessaloniki-GR (2014) / 9th Athens Digital Art Festival (2013).



Overall view of exhibition [Photo © CHEAPART]


Opening: Friday, June 17, 2016, 19:00
Duration: June 17 – 21, 2016
Conceived by: Georg Georgakopoulos
Curated by: Georg Georgakopoulos CHEAPART/ Flat1 (Kerstin Bennier, Christian Murzek)
Collaborating organizations: CHEAPART, Athens Gr / Flat1, Vienna Au
Participating members: CHEAPART, Offspring Young Artists,  Wien Kultur

Participating Artists:
Eleanna Balesi, Kerstin Bennier, Giannis Cheimonakis, Dimitris Georgakopoulos, Nikos Giavropoulos, Dimitris Halatsis, Babis Karalis, Christian Murzek, Vaggelis Savvas, Giannis Sinioroglou.

Bahn/Stadtbahnbogen 6-7
1060 Wien

Within a constantly changing world, every new day endures a surprise; the contemporary man experiences a reality that overwhelms him. Power and strength, the subordinate and the dominant; meanings have been stretched and distorted, challenging the modern man to establish a current positioning strategy. Faced with his decision he stands before unexpected dilemmas and is forced to devise a new self-image adjustable to extreme conditions and meet up to new standards. The individual is forced to self infuse and accumulate power from situations, power that he does not have. The quest for strength and for survival is the source and the cause of a powerful addictive behavior. This pursuit suggests the underlying concept in the exhibition POWERFOOL.

When Dr. Frankenstein questions the beginning of creation and the origin of life by devising a horrible human ghost, he in fact portrays the modern man in his quest to revive matter from power; in so he creates a personal ghost that destroys both creator and host.

Artists Eleanna Balesi and Vangelis Savvas have been invited to participate in Powerfool exhibition, as a part of the Offspring Young Artists program.




“Childhood” Eleanna Balesi

Baton, police rod covered with colorful chewing gum. 
MAT law enforcement officials (Units for the Reinstatement of Order), employed by Greek government, often exercise their authority by overpowering their command.
According to Eleanna Balesi, the baton as a symbol of government authority is yet neutralized by a colorful array of chewing gum. Childhood, the purest and earliest state of human existence often illustrates hateful gestures that suggest an initial form harassment and revenge, such as clinging chewing gum to something.


“Rescue forces” Vangelis Savvas

“Rescue forces” is a series of life jackets from the coast of Kos, the Aegean island in Greece that accepted most of refugees during the migrant crisis.
While the life jackets suggest assistance and support, the coat of salt applied on their surface refer to the process of curing and sustaining (food preservation).


Christos Vagiatas. It never happened. Offspring Young Artists


‘Closed’ Christos Vagiatas [Photo © Offspring Young Artists]

As Monument, as shrine, the cut inflicted upon this installation separating it in two pieces is a direct reference to the the general perception of public space and the “monumental”. The passage brings the viewer in front of his reflection (mirror). Material play involves replacing marble with styrofoam, gold leaves placed at the surface of the incision undermine the importance of the monument as a symbol of authority.


Opening: Friday June 24, 2016, 8:00 pm.
Duration: June 24 – July 18, 2016
Visiting hours: Tuesday, Thursday 5:00 – 9:00 pm., Saturday 1:00 – 4:00 pm.
Coordinated by: Offspring Young Artists
Organized by: ArtWall Project Space, Athens Gr

ARTWALL Project Space
26 Sofokleous Str., Athens 10552

“It never happened” examines the potential between individual and public space. That “which never happened, or might have happened or might happen” refers to a sequel of probabilities that are set in motion yet are never executed.

The potential to influence, intervene and act upon one another multiplies constantly, every day and infinitely, yet their actualization becomes more and more unlikely to occur. In creating a restrictive and closed system, this project attempts to reinforce and support that which will actually happen.

A “monument”, a perpetual symbol of public space that implies both power and indifference, is set up in the ArtWall exhibition space, constructing an environment that implicates the interior and exterior (outdoor) space. As a result of this emerging environment, new potential and dynamics develop, creating new associations among individual and public space.

New spaces form within the existing, commenting on the methods and practices necessary to the individual in co-existing with h/his surrounding environment. Yet at the same time this process emphasizes one’s inadequacy to do so, as one waits for an intervention, in order to exist.
It is in the observer’s hand to fill in the intermediate space, either physically or mentally.

Within the ArtWall, which is by definition an “intermediate space” a combination of indoor and outdoor, of private and public space, the observer is guided through a crossing of paths and intersections with the artwork. S/he is called upon to piece as a whole within the environment, but also with h/him self, whom he discovers in his journey.

Christos Vagiatas solo presentation entitled “It never happened” is a part of the Offspring Young Artists for the cultivation and facilitation of new generation artistic practice.



‘Selection…’ Christos Vagiatas [Photo © Offspring Young Artists]

A massive, monumental installation placed within the gallery space, (a temple like-screen) creates a passage for the viewer to meet himself through a marble cube. The cube may either bind with the monument or define as a stand alone ballot box. In so, Christos Vagiatas comments on one’s alternatives and options within a given space; how choice shapes both individual and public space.


‘Libertas’ Christos Vagiatas [Photo © Offspring Young Artists]

The viewer stands before the reflection of the message “Libertas”, and to the course which led him there (thoughts on the restriction of individual freedom and action).


‘The hate of his enemies’ Christos Vagiatas [Photo © Offspring Young Artists]

Freedom of speech restricted from public space. A composition of 4 funnels, gagged with marble, broadcasting a “Lost Bodies” soundtrack -the socially conscious, experimental punk band active in Greece over the past 30 years.


‘Nothing Again’ Christos Vagiatas [Photo © Offspring Young Artists]

Two symbolic elements encountered on a daily basis, carriers of public messages, presented in dialogue with each other as inactive elements that imply and dismiss actions “that never happened”, which never occurred.

Christos Vagiatas

Born in Athens in 1990. Graduate and postgraduate studies at the Department of Fine Arts and Sciences of Art at the University of Ioannina, Greece.

The work of Christos Vagiatas examines the concept of the limit, in terms of representation and meaning. By using limit as a structural element, and with the use of linear traces, he renegotiates simple forms and familiar symbols by marking and intervening in space to create new conditions. On the other hand, boundaries take up the form of a coded speech; seeking answers and acquiring concerns on the very nature itself, of limit as a form of experience.

Participation in group exhibitions, workshops and sculpture symposiums.

Back to Athens 2016, Who is afraid of rhinoceros?, Athens-GR, 2016 / Babel Fragments: Revisited, metamatic:taf, Athens-Gr, 2015 / EPITOPOU 15, Andros Island-Gr, 2015 / Afresh, A New Generation of Greek Artists, EMST National Museum of Contemporary Art, 2013 – 2014, Athens-Gr / Tradition today, Cultural Office of the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus, Athens-Gr, 2014 / Boundaries, Artscape and Snehta, 2014, Athens-Gr / uP, metamatic:taf, 2014, Athens-Gr / I need a hero, ACTION FIELD Κodra, Thessaloniki-Gr, 2014 / NOTHING, Tint gallery, 2013, Thessaloniki-Gr / REMAP 4, LOXODROME, 2013 Athens-Gr / Déjà vécu, an[a]mesa, 2013 Athens-Gr / RE:ACT VOL II, BLOCK 33, 2013 Thessaloniki / Message in a bottle, Municipal Gallery of Mythimna, 2013 Lesvos, Gr. / ACTION FIELD Κodra, What We Want, 2012 Thessaloniki-Gr / INSPIRE festival, Macedonian Museum Of Contemporary Art, 2012 Thessaloniki-Gr / XV Biennale de la Mediterranee “Symbiosis?”, 2011 Thessaloniki-Gr / ACTION FIELD Κodra -Kodra Fresh, 2011 Thessaloniki-Gr / Athens Video*/Art Festival, 2011, Athens-Gr, Awards 2011, Visual Arts exhibition, Municipal Gallery of Ioannina City, Ioannina 2011.

Text written to accompany the exhibition: Angela Hadji.

Crossing the Limit. FIST. Offspring Young Artists


Crossing the Limit

FIST Young Artist Group: Zoe Filippou, Anestis Ioannou, Vangelis Savvas, Dimitris Tzikopoulos
Opening: Tuesday April 5th 2016, 20:00
Duration: 5.4 – 5.5.2016
Coordinated by: Offspring Young Artists
Organized by: ArtWall Project Space, Athens Gr

ARTWALL Project Space
26 Sofokleous Str., Athens 10552
Visiting hours: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 17:00 – 21:00, Saturday 13:00 – 16:00

The FIST young artist collective presents “Crossing the limit” project, at the ArtWall Athens Project Space. The concept of the “limit”, of the limited or restricted, of the disciplined or pre-defined are elements of condition that exist within an overall systemized environment. This set of restrictive (in cases defective) rules is of primary concern for the viability of the group itself, and for the long life of artistic coexistence among the members.

The newly established art group explores the “limit” as perceived both individually and collectively. What are the aesthetic and/or conceptual parameters involved in intimate collaboration? Is art practice a joint process, or a compilation of individual practices under a common thematic? What is the limit (if any) to this?

This remains to be seen.

“Crossing the limit” goes beyond aesthetic restrictions, involving a wide and diverse range of expressive medium. As mentioned above, the project is a visual study of the parameters of limit (and limitation) and associated aesthetic and theoretical complexities. Issues of limit within, nature and the artwork, color and form, the underlying and the explicit (expressed), spatial limits such as exhibition space and in general, of all limits imposed, preserved or subverted within a compromised agenda of art or from within the wider social community.

FIST is a visual artists’ group established in 2015 by four young artists, Zoe Filippou, Anestis Ioannou, Vangelis Savvas and Dimitris Tzikopoulos, in Ioannina, North west of Greece. The group works as a creative body, reflecting on a variety of issues via dialogue and debate; through diverse mediums and a range of conceptual approaches.


Zoe Filippou, “When I deprived myself of the right to daydream, I got addicted to sleep” [Photo © FIST]


Zoe Filippou, “Sometimes I” [Photo © FIST]

Zoe Phillipou defines “limit” through an allocation of often conflicting issues. The criterion for her choice of subject matter is the source of conflict between them, as they continue to co-exist. This raises questions on issues of distinction and impartiality, of the subjective and objective and the degree of control accustom to each condition. She uses everyday objects and symbols in a paradoxical manner, to connect the viewer with her work of art. In so, she invokes the personal and autobiographical element of “myth”, placing it within a wider, impersonal environment.


Anestis Ioannou, “Sugarcoated violence” [Photo © FIST]

Anestis-Ioannou_I used-to

Anestis Ioannou, “I used to” [Photo © FIST]

Anestis Ioannou reflects on the limits of the canvas, finding it to be quite restrictive. He is influenced by the invisible borders and territorial conditions of the urban setting, including aesthetic and cultural values. Anestis Ioannou tests the limit in form’ while seeking the border between public and private (exhibition) space. In his work he transforms an object and disassociates it from its former identity, through a variety of practices. He seeks limits in the component of material, same as in the real life situations, thus moving in and out from the spontaneous and instinctive to the premeditated, from real to the beautified, from the pristine to the damaged.


Vangelis Savvas, “Rescue forces” [Photo © FIST]


Vangelis Savvas, “Muzzle flicker ” [Photo © FIST]

Vangelis Savvas tackles the social aspect of limit, as he revises objects and their functionality. He uses symbolic objects, and re-composes them to comment on social exclusion and voidance of Human Rights. The limit is expressed as geographical boundary but also as an acupuncture of survival.


Dimitris Tzikopoulos, “Critical Thinking” [Photo © FIST]


Dimitris Tzikopoulos, “Inner Corruption” [Photo © FIST]

Dimitris Tzikopoulos seeks elements of fragility as concurring forces that collide and interact. The action-reaction cause in both artwork materials and within the very concept of the work creates a direct association to social tension and violence, and given order within society.

“Crossing the Limit” exhibition is a part of the Offspring Young Artists / Offspaces International Research Program for the cultivation and facilitation of new generation artistic practice.



“Social Distortion, Less real, More human”
Artists: Martina Menegon Alexander Martinz Stefano D’Alessio, Kostas Lales, Magda Lambropoulou.
Curated by: Martina Menegon, Alexander Martinz and Stefano D’Alessio
with Fotini Kapiris and Georg Georgakopoulos
Exhibition Space: The ArtWall Project Space, Athens, Greece
“Social Distortion” Full article

October 6 – November 4, 2016

“Golden Aid”, Eleanna Balesi
Artist: Eleanna Balesi (solo presentation)
Curated by: Stratis Pantazis
Exhibition Space: The ArtWall Project Space, Athens, Greece
“Golden Aid” Full article

June 24 – JuLY 18, 2016

“It Never Happened”, Christos Vagiatas
Artist: Christos Vagiatas (solo presentation)
Exhibition Space: The ArtWall Project Space, Athens, Greece
“It Never Happened»?” Full article

June 4 – June 11, 2016

Back to Athens 2016 International Festival
Organized and coordinated by: CHEAPART
“Who is afraid of «rhinoceros»?” Group exhibition
Participating Offspring Artist: Christos Vagiatas
Exhibition curated by: Maria Xypolopoulou
“Who is afraid of «rhinoceros»?” Full article

June 17 – June 21, 2016

“POWERFOOL” Group exhibition
Exhibition Space: Flat 1, Vienna, Austria
Participating artists: Vangelis Savvas, Eleanna Balesi (Offspring Young Artists)
Curated by: Georg Georgakopoulos, Christian Rupp

April 5 – May 5, 2016

“Crossing the Limit”
Exhibition Space: The ArtWall Project Space, Athens, Greece
Artists: Filippou Zoe, Ioannou Anestis, Savvas Vangelis and Tzikopoulos Dimitris (FIST)
“Crossing the Limit” Full article

Applications open

Upcoming exhibition dates: To be announced
Applications open for: Artists & Curators

Who can apply

Offspring Program accepts applications from:

(a) Independent artists
(b) Artists who recommend other artists, curators or cultural organizations.
(c) Art Groups, Curators, Art historians, Culture managers, Art spaces, Cultural Organizations.


Eligible for the program are visual artists and artists of all creative media including:

(a) Painting and sculpture, new media and installation artists, and performance artists.
(b) Fine Arts Graduates or students in their final year in Greece and from abroad.
(c) Preferably under 30 years of age.
(d) Limited exhibition experience.

Artists apply for the program and their portfolio is assessed by the Offspring Team and International Curatorial Team.
If accepted, s/he will be assigned an exhibition space based on application. Artists may be notified immediately of an exhibition slot, or have their request pending from 1 week – 1 month.
Artists will automatically be included in the exhibition network, meaning that s/he may have priority on open calls for concept exhibitions, festivals or other art initiatives that are affiliated to the program.

Art Groups and Organizations

Art organizations may propose a curatorial project to be hosted within the Offspring program agenda.
In addition, many art groups have exhibition spaces, which can be integrated to the International exhibition agenda and foster other curatorial proposals to increase awareness of their space.


First time curators, emerging or established, are invited to apply. Offspring Program seeks innovative ideas for exhibitions and projects that deal with current issues. A curator may assemble a specific curatorial proposal, propose one or more artist/s, or declare availability to the program and benefit from the network for inspiration and the cultivation of future partnerships.

Declaration of interest by curators, if submitted in the form of a concept proposal, must include a detailed presentation of the framework of their idea (text proposal and images).


Art spaces affiliated to the program must offer one and/or two dates (20 day intervals) for the presentation of an exhibition or project. Offspring Program requires each space to host an art project, (an) artist/s or (a) curator/s from another country as a collaborative exchange.

Locations assigned for upcoming exhibitions and projects will be announced, prior to the upcoming agenda.

SYSTEMS Offspaces Platform


Independent artists and groups in dialogue

Systems-offspaces platform documented independent cultural activity within the Athens city center, and created immediate dialogue within the art system itself. Systems is a platform for discussion that records the independent artistic movement, its ability and potential to engage in the city’s events and actions. Representatives of the contemporary Greek art scene presented practices and methods regarding the sustainability of their group or project in a time of crisis, thus creating the grounds for collective trust and future collaborations.

Systems [2012] open call

to independent art spaces and art collectives based in European cities. We are interested in groups and/or spaces that perceive the city as an open field of action, operate in non-conventional ways and achieve innovative models of symbiosis.

Systems aims to create a platform for discussion that will document the independent art activity in European centers, as well as their potential to be an active part of the events that take place within these cities.

Each space, group or art collective operates in a unique way. Is is a priority for us to unite these different art entities and to present their methodology, discuss their viability at a time of crisis, and build affiliate networks with other countries by exchanging expertise among the participants. System’s panel encourages recently formed art groups as well as older initiatives to share their experiences, form new partnerships, and provide the art audience with an overview on what is happening right now in other European countries.

Each speaker for the Systems panel will have up to 15 minutes to deliver their presentation, projector included. The talks will begin in the afternoon and continue until the evening.

SYSTEMS Offspaces Team
Georg Georgakopoulos
Dimitris Georgakopoulos
Fotini kapiris
Kika Kyriakakou

June 12th – June 15th, 2012
CAMP! Contemporary Art Meeting Point



sύsτems day 1
1st panel
Tuesday, June 12th, 2012


Participating groups
ABOUT Maria Aloupi
OPEN SHOW STUDIO Sofia Toumboura
LUDENS LABS Vicky Theodoropoulou
EDO Valentini Kaimaki
Panel Moderator: Konstantinos Koukos

sύsτems day 1
2nd panel
Tuesday, June 12th, 2012


Participating groups
IMAGINE THE CITY Mary Palmoutsou, Christos Dimolikas
SIX D.O.G.S. Konstantinos Dakritzikos
BETON 7 Michalis Argyrou
ANAMESA Rozy DiamantakiΑνάμεσα/257557197608976

sύsτems day 1
3rd panel
Tuesday, June 12th, 2012


Participating groups
ASTIKO KENO Nikos Kazeros
EXTRA CONJUGALE Eirini Karagiannopoulou
YPO KATASKEVI Georgia Voudouri

sύsτems day 2
1st panel
Wednesday June 13th, 2012


Participating groups
INDOORS PLUS  Vally Nomidou
ΜETAPOLIS Giannis Giannakopoulos
3137 Kosmas Nicholaou
DADADA ACADEMY Panos Papadopoulos
Panel Moderator: Tina Manolopoulou

sύsτems day 2
2nd panel
Wednesday June 13th, 2012


Participating groups
STIGMA LAB Cacao Rocks
FROWN TAILS Marianna Christofi
BEETROOT Vangelis Liakos

sύsτems day 2
3rd panel
Wednesday June 13th, 2012


Participating groups
ODC ENSEMBLE / VYRSODEPSEIO Elli PapakonstantinouΒυρσοδεψειο-Vyrsodepsio-by-Oδc-Company/120789998031551?ref=ts
G DESIGN STUDIO Michalis Georgiou
A GLIMPSE OF Dimitra Ioannou

sύsτems day 3
1st panel
Thursday June 14th, 2012


Participating groups
E-MOBILART Dimitris Charitos
Panel moderator: Konstantinos Koukos

sύsτems day 3
2nd panel
Thursday June 14th, 2012


Participating groups
KUNSTHALLE ATHENA Elena Papathanasiadi, Marina Fokidis, Apostolos Vasilopoulos
LO AND BEHOLD Georgos Papadatos
BACK TO ATHENS Dimitris Georgakopoulos
SALON DE VORTEX Giannis Grigoriadis, Giannis Isidorou
Panel moderator: Haris Charalambidi

sύsτems day 3
3nd panel
Thursday June 14th, 2012


Participating groups
QW3RTY Markela Andrikaki, Katerina Nikou
OMADA FILOPAPPOU Kostas Christopoulos
Panel moderator: Konstantinos Koukos

sύsτems day 4
1st panel
Friday June 15th, 2012


Participating groups
MOVING SILENCE Anastasia Chrisanthakopoulou
ERASERS Georgos Konstantinidis
SYNTHESI Georgos Neris
DlProjects Stelios Karamanolis
Panel moderator: Konstantinos Koukos

sύsτems day 4
2nd panel
Friday June 15th, 2012


Participating groups
KINISI MAVILI Georgia Maragani
ELCULTURE Nikos Ververidis
REMAP Iasonas Tsakonas
CAMP! Fotini Kapiris

sύsτems day 4
3rd panel
Friday June 15th, 2012


Participating groups
XYZ Xenia Kalpaktsoglou, Poka Yio
CHEAPART Georg Georgakopoulos
Career Office of the Athens School of Fine Arts Giannis Skaltsas
PROVO PRINCIPLES Georgos Tserionis

OFFSPACES International Research Program

In 2008 a group of people from the art scene shared a common goal, to research artist-run spaces and groups, and independent art activity from all over the world. OFFSPACES International Research Program focuses on presenting and documenting cutting edge ideas and new and experimental projects, and to reveal the international network of innovative activity and off space initiative.

The international audience reaches out to the new identity of the contemporary artist as expressed through the global language of art. Building a long-term relationship and partnership with artists and organizations, the project encourages the public to become part of this society of creative pioneers.

‘Get-togethers’ of diverse artistic and cultural domains pave the way for new collaborations, expanding forms of creativity further than the visual arts. Artists have a unique chance to present themselves on an international level, to compare practices and strategies and to develop prospect partnerships, enhancing in so, a trans cultural dialogue.

OFFSPACES International is open to collaboration with sponsors, foundations and embassies. Its purpose is to create a network of artists and organizations, to support artistic production on an international level.

OFFSPACES International

Georg Georgakopoulos
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