OFFSPRING Young Artists

What is it?

Offspring Young Artists is a cultural program available to entry level artists, new art groups and young art professionals. The program encourages artist mobility by showcasing art work locally and internationally within art spaces, galleries and cultural organizations.

Offspring’s objective is to promote collective work and partnership, and transcultural dialogue with other artists and cultural networks for artists and collectives who want to gain exposure for their work, to build on partnerships and contacts, and broaden their audience. The Offspring Team of Art professionals prepare an exhibition agenda of international artists, selected based on quality of work and innovation. All participants are documented, as a reference archive for participation in future projects.

Offspring Young Artists is part of the Offspaces International Research Program initiated in 2008 dedicated to artist-run spaces, independant artists and art groups. Offspaces International focuses on presenting and documenting cutting edge ideas and experimental projects and to reveal the international network of innovative activity and off space initiative.

Why now?

New generation artists emerge through a highly challenging and often restrictive environment and a rapidly changing economy and society. These conditions inspire a diversity of artistic practices, calling upon the artist to be yet more liberal and spontaneous.

Although world-class cultural infrastructure is a catalyst for global development and economy, an overlook on the present condition reveals that the creative industry has no access to a fast moving, interdisciplinary professional environment (Cultural Times, EY, December 2015).

The Offspring program caters to this gap between the young artist and the multiple channels in the art market that he/she has to service.

Whom it concerns.

OFFSPRING Young Artists Program is addressed to emerging artists and curators who share common cultural values. The shifting agenda of individual and group presentations fuse into a dynamic art network of international collaborations, and provide an overall understanding of the new genre contemporary artists.