Christos Vagiatas. It never happened. Offspring Young Artists


‘Closed’ Christos Vagiatas [Photo © Offspring Young Artists]

As Monument, as shrine, the cut inflicted upon this installation separating it in two pieces is a direct reference to the the general perception of public space and the “monumental”. The passage brings the viewer in front of his reflection (mirror). Material play involves replacing marble with styrofoam, gold leaves placed at the surface of the incision undermine the importance of the monument as a symbol of authority.


Opening: Friday June 24, 2016, 8:00 pm.
Duration: June 24 – July 18, 2016
Visiting hours: Tuesday, Thursday 5:00 – 9:00 pm., Saturday 1:00 – 4:00 pm.
Coordinated by: Offspring Young Artists
Organized by: ArtWall Project Space, Athens Gr

ARTWALL Project Space
26 Sofokleous Str., Athens 10552

“It never happened” examines the potential between individual and public space. That “which never happened, or might have happened or might happen” refers to a sequel of probabilities that are set in motion yet are never executed.

The potential to influence, intervene and act upon one another multiplies constantly, every day and infinitely, yet their actualization becomes more and more unlikely to occur. In creating a restrictive and closed system, this project attempts to reinforce and support that which will actually happen.

A “monument”, a perpetual symbol of public space that implies both power and indifference, is set up in the ArtWall exhibition space, constructing an environment that implicates the interior and exterior (outdoor) space. As a result of this emerging environment, new potential and dynamics develop, creating new associations among individual and public space.

New spaces form within the existing, commenting on the methods and practices necessary to the individual in co-existing with h/his surrounding environment. Yet at the same time this process emphasizes one’s inadequacy to do so, as one waits for an intervention, in order to exist.
It is in the observer’s hand to fill in the intermediate space, either physically or mentally.

Within the ArtWall, which is by definition an “intermediate space” a combination of indoor and outdoor, of private and public space, the observer is guided through a crossing of paths and intersections with the artwork. S/he is called upon to piece as a whole within the environment, but also with h/him self, whom he discovers in his journey.

Christos Vagiatas solo presentation entitled “It never happened” is a part of the Offspring Young Artists for the cultivation and facilitation of new generation artistic practice.



‘Selection…’ Christos Vagiatas [Photo © Offspring Young Artists]

A massive, monumental installation placed within the gallery space, (a temple like-screen) creates a passage for the viewer to meet himself through a marble cube. The cube may either bind with the monument or define as a stand alone ballot box. In so, Christos Vagiatas comments on one’s alternatives and options within a given space; how choice shapes both individual and public space.


‘Libertas’ Christos Vagiatas [Photo © Offspring Young Artists]

The viewer stands before the reflection of the message “Libertas”, and to the course which led him there (thoughts on the restriction of individual freedom and action).


‘The hate of his enemies’ Christos Vagiatas [Photo © Offspring Young Artists]

Freedom of speech restricted from public space. A composition of 4 funnels, gagged with marble, broadcasting a “Lost Bodies” soundtrack -the socially conscious, experimental punk band active in Greece over the past 30 years.


‘Nothing Again’ Christos Vagiatas [Photo © Offspring Young Artists]

Two symbolic elements encountered on a daily basis, carriers of public messages, presented in dialogue with each other as inactive elements that imply and dismiss actions “that never happened”, which never occurred.

Christos Vagiatas

Born in Athens in 1990. Graduate and postgraduate studies at the Department of Fine Arts and Sciences of Art at the University of Ioannina, Greece.

The work of Christos Vagiatas examines the concept of the limit, in terms of representation and meaning. By using limit as a structural element, and with the use of linear traces, he renegotiates simple forms and familiar symbols by marking and intervening in space to create new conditions. On the other hand, boundaries take up the form of a coded speech; seeking answers and acquiring concerns on the very nature itself, of limit as a form of experience.

Participation in group exhibitions, workshops and sculpture symposiums.

Back to Athens 2016, Who is afraid of rhinoceros?, Athens-GR, 2016 / Babel Fragments: Revisited, metamatic:taf, Athens-Gr, 2015 / EPITOPOU 15, Andros Island-Gr, 2015 / Afresh, A New Generation of Greek Artists, EMST National Museum of Contemporary Art, 2013 – 2014, Athens-Gr / Tradition today, Cultural Office of the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus, Athens-Gr, 2014 / Boundaries, Artscape and Snehta, 2014, Athens-Gr / uP, metamatic:taf, 2014, Athens-Gr / I need a hero, ACTION FIELD Κodra, Thessaloniki-Gr, 2014 / NOTHING, Tint gallery, 2013, Thessaloniki-Gr / REMAP 4, LOXODROME, 2013 Athens-Gr / Déjà vécu, an[a]mesa, 2013 Athens-Gr / RE:ACT VOL II, BLOCK 33, 2013 Thessaloniki / Message in a bottle, Municipal Gallery of Mythimna, 2013 Lesvos, Gr. / ACTION FIELD Κodra, What We Want, 2012 Thessaloniki-Gr / INSPIRE festival, Macedonian Museum Of Contemporary Art, 2012 Thessaloniki-Gr / XV Biennale de la Mediterranee “Symbiosis?”, 2011 Thessaloniki-Gr / ACTION FIELD Κodra -Kodra Fresh, 2011 Thessaloniki-Gr / Athens Video*/Art Festival, 2011, Athens-Gr, Awards 2011, Visual Arts exhibition, Municipal Gallery of Ioannina City, Ioannina 2011.

Text written to accompany the exhibition: Angela Hadji.