Who can apply

Offspring Program accepts applications from:

(a) Independent artists
(b) Artists who recommend other artists, curators or cultural organizations.
(c) Art Groups, Curators, Art historians, Culture managers, Art spaces, Cultural Organizations.


Eligible for the program are visual artists and artists of all creative media including:

(a) Painting and sculpture, new media and installation artists, and performance artists.
(b) Fine Arts Graduates or students in their final year in Greece and from abroad.
(c) Preferably under 30 years of age.
(d) Limited exhibition experience.

Artists apply for the program and their portfolio is assessed by the Offspring Team and International Curatorial Team.
If accepted, s/he will be assigned an exhibition space based on application. Artists may be notified immediately of an exhibition slot, or have their request pending from 1 week – 1 month.
Artists will automatically be included in the exhibition network, meaning that s/he may have priority on open calls for concept exhibitions, festivals or other art initiatives that are affiliated to the program.

Art Groups and Organizations

Art organizations may propose a curatorial project to be hosted within the Offspring program agenda.
In addition, many art groups have exhibition spaces, which can be integrated to the International exhibition agenda and foster other curatorial proposals to increase awareness of their space.


First time curators, emerging or established, are invited to apply. Offspring Program seeks innovative ideas for exhibitions and projects that deal with current issues. A curator may assemble a specific curatorial proposal, propose one or more artist/s, or declare availability to the program and benefit from the network for inspiration and the cultivation of future partnerships.

Declaration of interest by curators, if submitted in the form of a concept proposal, must include a detailed presentation of the framework of their idea (text proposal and images).


Art spaces affiliated to the program must offer one and/or two dates (20 day intervals) for the presentation of an exhibition or project. Offspring Program requires each space to host an art project, (an) artist/s or (a) curator/s from another country as a collaborative exchange.

Locations assigned for upcoming exhibitions and projects will be announced, prior to the upcoming agenda.